Salyu – VALON-1

27 01 2008

Just finished watching the film “All About Lily Chou Chou”, Lily chou chou is the singer in the film, so I did few searches on the internet to find out who is she.

She is Salyu, with very good voice, talented singer.

Here is one of my favourite song from her:



Stray cats in Hong Kong.

27 01 2008

When I encountered the stray cats in the park or the street, I will take some shots of them.
With the my new Canon lens f/2.8L 70-200mm, I can easily get them in range. I saw many other stray cats photographs from Japaneses flickr, they all look healthy, not like the one in Hong Kong. May be the stray cats in japan are well treated?

#1 – one of the eye is blind and get wet in cold weather. He is tough.

#2 – this cat is smart, he tries to find a “human” body to get warm.

#3 – this cat is very fat, may be he is the leader here and so get most of the foods.

All photos taken by 400D+2.8L 70-200mm, and only adjusted contrast in photoshop as it is cloudy.

Thanks for watching. Best wishes for the stray cats:)