Atmel STK500 + AVR Dragon Promotion.

10 02 2008

I bought the STk500 at once when I saw the promotion from Atmel in the year 2007. It was only $49, only the cost of AVR dragon but together with the STK500! It is really a good beginner kit, I want to start with Atmel AVR and particularly the ATtiny processor series, the STK500 is very helpful indeed. It comes with one Atmel 8bit processor(ATMEGA8515L), serial cable, ISP cable (6-pin), and few 2-pin cables for fast prototyping. It can be used to program wide range of the Atmel 8-bit processors, together with Leds, switches for testing your programs on the STK500 board. The only drawback is that you have to use a serial port for programming which is mostly not present in modern computer or notebook, but a usb2serial adapter may help to resolve this problem even on my Mac. The AVR dragon is cool, but for a lazy guy like me that don’t want to construct a socket and also involving many soldering works, I rather stick on the STK500 for my home projects.

STk500/AVR dragon unbox photos


#1 – Arrived.

I ordered from DIGI-key, and this combo kit is marked as out of stock at that time. I back-order the kit and it came faster than I expected.


#2 – STk500 + AVR Dragon


#3 – Close look of AVR Dragon




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