KYLE XY, one of my favourite drama.

5 01 2008

KYLE XY is a drama from abc family channel. It was shown on 2006-2007 with 2 seasons. The new season 3 will start in the year 2008.

KYLE XY is a story about family, friendship, love and a special perspective of seeing the world. Most importantly, it is a Sci-Fi story. If you will feel boring about a “family” drama, so it would be a nice choice as it includes lots of mystery when the story goes on.

EP1 preview:

The song “Save me” by Matthew Perryman Jones used in Kyle XY, it is pretty good too.

I wanna rock-n-roll
I wanna give my soul
I’m wanting to belielve
I’m not too old
Don’t want to make it up
Don’t want to let you down
I want to fly away
But I’m stuck on the ground

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn’t that save you
Wouldn’t that save you
Wouldn’t that save you

Watched it all go by
was it really true
is that what is was?
was that really you?
I’m looking back again
tracing back the threads
You said I was a mess
or was it just in my head


Something’s gotta break
You gotta swing the bat
too many years of dying
why is that?